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Addie Twomey

Addie Twomey and MacGyver

Natalie Griger

Natalie Griger and Joey

Heather Wallace

Heather Wallace and Arendelle's Olaf "Ollie"

Melissa Carstensen

Melissa Carstensen and Silver Shiner

Whitney Anderson

Whitney Anderson and Brimstone

Catherine Letteney

Catherine Letteney and Natalie

Valorie Snyder

Valorie Snyder and Pom Freight

Savannah Burnett

Savannah Burnett and Willoughby Wallaby Woo

Mallory Frame

Mallory Frame and The Great Pumpkin

Mary Ann Howell

Mary Ann Howell and Smokey

Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis and A Major Promise

Deanna Shoop

Deanna Shoop and Sultry Pat
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